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Bob Pease was an analog engineering legend, and wrote columns exclusively for Electronic Design magazine until his death in 2011. He also contributed to our magazine with Bob's Mailbox, where he answered questions from young engineers.

Bob obtained a BSEE from MIT in 1961 and was a staff scientist at National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, for many years.

Now available for download, a new eBook from the Electronic Design Library: Bob Pease on Analog Vol. 1.

New - Now available for download, a new eBook from the Electronic Design Library: Bob Pease on Analog Vol. 2.


What’s All This Solo Hiking Stuff, Anyhow? (Part 3)
While analog guru Bob Pease passed away on June 18, he left behind several additional columns, including this item recalling more of his hiking adventures. In this installment, Bob tackles the cross-country Wainwright Track in England and remembers a teenage winter camping trip to Mt. Adams in New Hampshire.
Bob’s Mailbox: CCFL Lights, Old Radios, And The 108A 1
Bob Pease, posthumous, mailbox column, CCFLs, tube radios, vibrator voltage boosters, 108A op amp
What’s All This Multiplier-Divider Stuff, Anyhow? 3
A new, unpublished Bob Pease Column from the backlog he left when he died. Here he designs a multiplier/divider for a low supply voltage and corresponds with a reader about steering-wheel lockup.
Bob’s Mailbox: More Mail About Unintended Acceleration
Bob had several columns in the works when he died. This one contains some dialog with readers about their personal experiences with stuck throttles.
What’s All This Solo Hiking Stuff, Anyhow? (Part 2) 1
This is the second part of a column about hiking safety and hiking alone. It was in the edit queue when Bob died.
What’s All This Solo Hiking Stuff, Anyhow?
Bob Pease waxes philosophical about hiking alone and relates some of his experiences.
What’s All This 4-To-20 mA Stuff, Anyhow? 6
About 30 years ago, somebody told Bob that he had a 4-to-20 mA current source and wished he could tell if the current was out of range or the wire was broken. That got the gears turning in Bob’s brain, and he started to figure out how he could tell if a 4.0-mA current shifts down to 3.70 mA or less. So what was the solution? Check out Bob’s column and find out.
What’s All This Pre-Diabetes Stuff, Anyhow? (Self-Doctoring, Part 6) 6
Bob Pease reflects on what he would like to have known about diabetes 16 years ago.
Bob’s Mailbox: Hydraulic Rams, Old Car Radios, And 5-MHz Power 5
Bob Pease’s correspondence picks up where his previous hydraulic-ram-equals-switching-power-supply column left off, with numerous analogies that range from coffee cups to steel castings and from shoveling snow to repairing the vibrators in old Motorola car radios -- all with a common theme.
What’s All This Floobydust Stuff, Anyhow? (Part 15) 31
Bob Pease levels a shotgun blast of short items from the workbench (component mounting, soldering), to public perceptions of radiation dangers, to dishwashing detergents, to driving safety, to disappearing blue pills.
Bob’s Mailbox: PLL Circuits, Hiking Experiences, And More Reader Reactions 1
Robert Pease corresponds with readers about ham radio below 160 m, PLLs, hiking, analog engineering as a career, and run-away vehicles.
What’s All This Hydraulic Ram Stuff, Anyhow? 13
Bob Pease remembers a "hydraulic ram" he saw in a Sears catalog when he was a kid, prompting some thoughts about oscillation, switching regulators, and taxes.
What’s All This George A. Philbrick Stuff, Anyhow? 8
Bob Pease recalls conversations with George Philbrick in 1963 regarding analog control loops and switching supplies.
Bob’s Mailbox: Advice To A Young Engineer, Julie Resistors, Key-Less Acceleration, And Hiking with Kids 3
Bob Pease gives brutally honest advice to a young engineer who wants to be an analog designer, Reminisces about Julie resistors, and vents a little about modern automobile design.
Bob’s Mailbox: Audio Power Amps, DAC Stuff, Spice Suggestions, And Lunar Engineering 12
Bob Pease gets lots of mail, and he's happy to answer it -- all of it. In this edition of Bob's Mailbox, the analog guru responds to reader questions and comments about audio amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters, his old nemesis Spice, and some work of Bob's that the Apollo astronauts left behind on the moon.
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