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Don Tuite covers Analog and Power issues for Electronic Design’s magazine and website. He has a BSEE and an M.S in Technical Communication, and has worked for companies in aerospace, broadcasting, test equipment, semiconductors, publishing, and media relations, focusing on developing insights that link technology, business, and communications. Don is also a ham radio operator (NR7X), private pilot, and motorcycle rider, and he’s not half bad on the 5-string banjo.

Behind the Engineering that Goes into a Leg Prosthesis
As Otto Bock Healthcare's renowned C-Leg demonstrates, the engineering behind leg prostheses is nothing short of incredible.
International Rectifier to be Acquired by Infineon for $3B 1
On Wednesday, the German semiconductor company, Infineon, and U.S. semi maker International Rectifier (IR) announced that Infineon would be acquiring IR in a deal estimated to be worth $8 billion.
Readers Pick The Top 101 Components
We receive a ton of new product announcements every day, and we spotlight the most innovative and useful items on and in our “Products of the Week” e-mail newsletters...
The Top 101 Components Of 2014
Enclosures, sensors, switches, passives, and more prove their mettle in this year's survey.
Vehicle Charging Standards: A Quick Primer 1
The United States and Europe lay claim to the two most commonly employed vehicle charging standards. Here's what you need to know about both.
CUI Inc at APEC 2014 - Novum High Current Digital POLs
CUI Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, talks with Don Tuite at APEC 2014 about the company’s new family of high current digital point of load dc-dc modules that set performance benchmarks in efficiency, power density, and transient response. The 60 A and 90 A modules are designed specifically to meet the growing power challenges in today’s advanced processors and FPGAs.
CUI Inc at APEC 2014 - Novum Advanced Power Overview
CUI Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, talks with Don Tuite at APEC 2014 about the Novum® Advanced Power product line which has been developed to specifically address the growing complexities in today’s advanced designs. The two discuss IBC and digital POL modules for distributed power architectures, applications, and challenges.
CUI Inc at APEC 2014 – Solus® Power Topology
CUI Director of Engineering for Novum Advanced Power, Fariborz Musavi, talks with Don Tuite at APEC 2014 about the Solus® Power Topology and the advantages it provides in isolated and non-isolated dc-dc converter designs through a significant reduction in switching and conductivity losses.
LED Controller Provides “Half-Watt Standby”
"The 88EM8189 includes an energy-efficient on-chip supply for the ZigBee IC."
Blend Blue LEDs And Phosphors To Make HB LEDs 1
"Achieving a blue LED junction with high luminous efficacy became a holy grail for LED researchers because it opened the door to the manufacture of high-brightness (HB) “white” LEDs."
Wide Variety of Applications for Efficient Power Conversion's GaN Technology
Electronic Design's Don Tuite chats with Alex Lidow from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) about new and novel applications for their GaN FET technology. When the company was founded, the focus was on power semiconductors, but different applications have cropped up since EPC began shipping products, and the range of applications has stretched far beyond the power realm.
Transphorm Reveals GaN Reliability Data
Transphorm has been boasting of its position in practical GaN devices for several years at APEC. This year, Transphorm's Carl Blake was pleased to announce that they had complete data about reliability of its products’ failure rates under voltage stress to show the world.
What’s All This About Contributed Articles?
"Of course, we’re eager to see what submissions we’ll receive next."
Ultracaps Solve Diesel-Cranking Problems
"On mandated layovers, long-haul drivers use all kinds of appliances for light, entertainment, and climate in the cab, while the trailer can pull even more energy for refrigeration."
Scopes Move Into A More Intelligent Future 1
"Downloadable firmware has made scopes a lot more versatile in terms of how well they can concentrate on the measurements needed for specific tasks. These days, it’s all in the software."

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