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James Morra is a graduate of Colgate University. He has been covering technology for Electronic Design since 2015. He also handles business news, including mergers, acquisitions, and the magazine's annual Engineering Salary Survey report. He is based out of Austin, Texas.

Follow him on Twitter @jamesmorra810.

Sensor Interface Relieves Complexity from Smartphones to Cars
The MIPI Alliance, which specializes in chip-to-chip interfaces, recently unsealed its new I3C standard, which had only been available to members.
Warning against China, White House Report Urges Faster Chip Innovation
If all goes according to plan, China will produce 70% of the chips that it buys by 2025. But how China is spending that money is increasingly scrutinized.
The Chemical Tests of the Future Could Move onto Chips 2
Engineers are increasingly finding ways to reduce the size of sensors that measure chemical levels in fluids. A new design from the Holst Center can be integrated on a chip for monitoring water quality or other fluids.
An Upgrade to Wi-Fi Provides Precise Time Sychronization
The new feature is designed to ensure that the clocks in electronic devices are synchronized down to less than a microsecond.
ZigBee Promises Another Universal Language for the Internet of Things 2
Everything from thermostats, light bulbs, and smartphones would be able to talk wirelessly with each other using a new software language called dotdot.
South Korean Regulator Adds $853 Million to Qualcomm's Antitrust Fines
In the latest challenge to its practice of licensing wireless patents, regulators are asking the company to sell rivals access to its patent portfolio.
SK Hynix to Boost NAND Output with $1.8 Billion Fab
SK Hynix, the world’s second largest memory chipmaker, plans to build a factory in South Korea to meet the increasing demand for its NAND flash memory.
TDK Swears by Sensor Fusion in $1.3 Billion Deal for InvenSense
The technology behind sensor fusion was the hidden gem in TDK's recent acquisition of InvenSense, a maker of gyroscopes and other motion sensors.
Raspberry Pi Operating System Can Now be Used with Other Hardware
The operating system, called Pixel, has been reworked to run on Macs and other personal computers.
Device Harvests Energy from Wind, Rain, or Smartphone Scrolling 1
The new device contrasts from other methods of harvesting energy from motion, which normally involve constant vibrations.
Google Gives Preview of Android for the Internet of Things 1
Google has released a preview of the software, a bare-bones version of Android for connected light bulbs and door locks. It also announced plans for creating a simpler protocol for linking those devices to the cloud.
Proposed Safety Rules Would Require Cars to Talk to Each Other 7
If passed, the rule would require all cars and small trucks to be equipped with radio chips to improve safety and reduce road congestion.
Sensors Peer through Smartphone Screens to Verify Fingerprints 1
Synaptics, which revealed the new device Tuesday, said that their optical sensors can scan fingerprints from underneath glass, eliminating the home button at the bottom of smartphones.
General Electric Spins Out Company to Reimagine the Electronic Switch 3
The industrial conglomerate said that the start-up would sell a new electronic switch for applications like factory equipment, medical devices, and smartphones.
Not to be Left Out, Mediatek Plots Strategy for Automotive Chips 2
The market for automotive chips is an increasingly crowded field. Mediatek, a chip giant that has found much success in China and India, is the latest to get involved.
Understanding the AirPods' Rise
Q&A: What’s New in the Wireless Audio Market? Interview with Jawad Haider, Marvell Semiconductor Read Now
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Fusing Sensors
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