Lou Frenzel


Lou is Communications Technology Editor for Electronic Design. He covers topics such as wired and wireless networking. He is also editor for Mobile Dev & Design.

Understanding an Instrument Amplifier’s Linear Operating Range 31
This article explores how an instrumentation amp's linear operating range is defined by the common-mode input voltage and the output-voltage plot.
PHY Holds the Key to Robust Industrial Ethernet Applications
Use of Ethernet in rugged industrial settings depends heavily on a strong PHY, and this transceiver IC solution helps meet that goal while lowering power consumption.
Major Wireless Developments Driving 2017 Agendas 1
IoT and 5G top the list of dominant communications trends this year.
Synchronous Buck Converter Optimizes EMC, Size, Efficiency at 2 MHz 3
The key to optimizing efficiency in power-supply designs requires balancing often conflicting specifications, and that means controlling MOSFET switching times.
Wireless Sensor Networks Improve Building Efficiency, Security, and Comfort 2
People-sensing and people-counting systems help fine-tune HVAC usage, which in turn can lead to substantial energy savings.
Ka-band Transceiver Implements MIMO and Beamforming for 5G 1
Anokiwave’s AWMF-0108 Ka-band 5G transceiver promises to speed up and simplify the design of Fifth-Generation (5G) cell site equipment.
LDO Regulators: An Unexpected Option for Industrial/IoT Applications 4
Clean power accompanies efficiency in critical designs targeting the industrial and Internet of Things spaces.
The Wireless Spectrum Conundrum 1
The spectrum shortage has service providers, government agencies, and even wireless designers scrambling to come up with workable solutions.
New-Look Position-Encoder Interfaces Enhance Motor Control
Advances in position-encoder interfaces overcome typical challenges designers face regarding precision, safety, and meeting cost requirements.
Advanced Building-Automation Sensors Save Energy, Enhance Safety
New sensor developments help achieve greater energy efficiency and higher accuracy in terms of safety for building automation systems.
Extending the Reach of UHD (4K) Video Delivery
Thanks to advances in SDI and Ethernet/IP interfaces, UHD's reach is pushing past its previous cabling limitations.
Wireless Is Headed…Where? 1
Wireless is everywhere. In fact, there are probably very few times during the day when you are not using wireless. Think about it....
High Voltage and GaN: Gateways to Better Power-Supply Efficiency 3
Power supplies with lower resistance and faster switching leads to less heat and lower energy consumption in myriad applications.
High-Speed ADCs Propel Wider-Bandwidth Applications
Faster sampling is a crucial factor when it comes to wide-bandwidth RF systems, and today's fast ADCs play a key role in making it happen.
Improved IC Temp Sensors Challenge Traditional Sensor Devices
In the analog realm, temperature receives the most attention when it comes to sensing, pushing designers to create a new class of IC sensors that deliver greater accuracy.
Understanding the AirPods' Rise
Q&A: What’s New in the Wireless Audio Market? Interview with Jawad Haider, Marvell Semiconductor Read Now
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Fusing Sensors
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