Paul Rako

Creative Director,
Rako Studios

Paul Rako is a creative director for Rako Studios. After attending GMI (now Kettering University) and the University of Michigan, he worked as an auto engineer in Detroit. He moved to Silicon Valley to start an engineering consulting company. After his share of startups and contract work, he became an apps engineer at National Semiconductor and a marketing maven at Analog Devices and Atmel. He also had a five-year stint at EDN magazine on the analog beat. His interests include politics, philosophy, motorcycles, and making music and videos. He has six Harley Sportsters, a studio full of musical instruments, a complete laboratory, and a video set at Tranquility Base, his home office in Sun City Center Florida.

What’s All This LTZ1000 Stuff, Anyway? 6
Though appearing simple upon first glance, the venerable LTZ1000 voltage reference has more complexities and subtleties than one might think. Paul Rako takes a closer look.
What’s All This 555 Timer Stuff, Anyway? 33
When it comes to the venerable 555 timer, Paul Rako agrees with Bob Pease—avoid using it if your application demands any kind of precision.
What’s All This LM10 Stuff, Anyhow? 6
Paul Rako recounts Bob Pease's back-and-forth with the author of a linear-regulator design idea on how the LM10 op amp might better serve his circuit than the proposed LM741,
What’s All This Power-Supply Design Stuff, Anyway? 17
Buy or build? Paul Rako recalls his and Bob Pease's experience on this matter regarding test equipment, and with one engineer who was determined to build his own power supply.
What’s All This Tube Silicon-Germanium V-F Stuff, Anyhow? 6
The V-to-F converter circuit discussed by Bob Pease in a two-part article from 1993-4 gets a new spin through a series of Spice experiments performed by Paul Rako.
What’s All This Varactor-Input Amplifier Stuff, Anyway? 17
Paul Rako revisits the varactor-input amplifier built by Bob Pease, creating his own updated version and running it through Spice simulations.
What’s All This Surplus HP 428B Stuff, Anyhow? 5
After receiving a letter from a fellow engineer regarding Bob Pease and the HP 428B, Paul Rako recalls some of his memories of Bob on the fifth anniversary of his passing.
What’s All This Bias Current Stuff, Anyhow? 5
In 2006, Bob Pease exchanged e-mails with an engineer having some trouble with an integrator circuit. Bob's solution holds up well today.
What’s All This Capacitive Loading, Stuff, Anyhow? 1
In 2008, Bob Pease exchanged e-mails with Linear Technology’s Mark Thoren, Paul Rako, and a few other friends about a tough subject—how an amplifier will oscillate if you put a capacitive load on it.
What’s All This Meter Accuracy Stuff, Anyhow? 11
Bob Pease and Reginald Neale exchanged a series of letters back in 1989 addressing the age old question of accuracy versus precision in their test equipment.
What’s All This Solenoid Driver Stuff, Anyhow? 15
Paul Rako recalls an exchange with the late Bob Pease about a solenoid driver he found on the Web. Of course, Bob had plenty of criticism and advice as he drew up his own version of the circuit.
What’s All This RIP (Rest In Pease) Stuff, Anyhow? 28
On the second anniversary of Bob Pease's death, Paul Rako remembers the qualities that made the analog guru such a fine engineer and a good friend.
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