Tom Curatolo


Tom Curatolo is the director of applications engineering for Vicor Corp. He joined the company in 1989. He holds a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.

Select The Optimal Intermediate Bus Converter
How to match Intermediate Bus Conveters (IBCs) to system design goals.
Consider The Power System And The App For Efficiency
Vicor's Tom Curatolo examines power supply evolution in terms of efficiency and applications to explain the latest design trends.
The Market Speaks And The People Listen... And Vice Versa
Vicor's Tom Curatolo employs the "brick" dc/dc converter as a paradigm of customer/supplier interaction in power supply design.
Load-Sharing Power Converters Tackle Higher Output Power And Fault Tolerance
Designers parallel their power supplies to increase system power output or to provide fault tolerance. In this column, Contributing Editor Tom Curatolo discusses various techniques for load sharing and the scalability of such architectures.
DC-DC Converter Architectures: What Are People Talking About?
Contributing editor Tom Curatolo sorts through the scuttlebutt on today's hottest dc-dc converter architectures: the centralized control architecture (CCA) and the factorized power architecture (FPA).
DC-DC Footprints On The Sands Of Time
The footprint of a dc-dc converter is, to me, an interesting topic. There is a certain amount of history to it that’s kind of fascinating. Also, it really plays heavily into the decisions power designers make about what solution they’re going to use and w
The Many Faces Of Custom Power
Power supplies are often the last consideration in system design, which means custom work may be involved. This article explores the many ways in which power-supply vendors can work with design teams to satisfy system and cost requirements.
The Industry Migrates To 48-V Input DC-DC Conversion
In my previous column (“Applications Drive Component Power Designs,” Sept. 11, 2008, p. 18, ED Online 19486), I contended that the application drives the selection of a specific power component—or it even forces the creation of a custom compon
Applications Drive Component Power Designs
Power designers often prefer particular power products or manufacturers. Some designers try to drive these preferences into every application. That’s not surprising. Such choices are usually based on successful relationships with specific manufacturers
The Polymorphous Landscape Of Bus Voltages
Voltages are bussed around all the time, but the applications and voltage levels are many and diverse. One of the high-voltage apps du jour, for example, is the data center. Everybody knows about the phenomenal rise of the Internet over th
Demanding Dynamic Loads: Can Power Devices Keep Up?
With each new generation of processor, the trend is toward lower voltages, higher currents, and faster dynamic loads. As a result, power-system designers are challenged to provide ever-faster transient response. They also have to do it usin
Examine The Thermal Implications Of Potted Versus Open-Frame Bricks
When I joined Vicor almost 20 years ago, the inventors of the brick told me that the planar surface of a base plate is optimal for removing or transferring heat and that potting provides an outstanding thermal interface around each component. When bri
Understanding the AirPods' Rise
Q&A: What’s New in the Wireless Audio Market? Interview with Jawad Haider, Marvell Semiconductor Read Now
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Fusing Sensors
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