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Technology Editor

Bill is a technology editor for Electronic Design focusing on embedded,software, and systems. Check out his blog, AltEmbedded. If you are submitting press releases please include pricing information and links to hi res (300dpi) images when appropriate or it goes to the bottom of the pile.


Real Techie Holiday Picks From Lab Bench
Technology editor Bill Wong presents his holiday gift list for the real engineer. It includes everything from the Bitscope Micro scope and logic analyzer to the Ozobot. Of course, you can upgrade your server using Supermicro's Mobile Rack.
Accelerators Reduce DSC Overhead in Motion Control Applications
Texas Instrument's C2000 Piccolo F2807x incorporates a trigonometric math unit (TMU) and control law accelerator (CLA) to handle high speed analog analysis.
What Tech Will You Be Wearing Next Year? 1
Wearable technology market growth continues to rise with the proliferation of low-power micros and sensors.
Multicore 64-bit ARM-based SoC Aims at Mobile Market
Marvell Technology’s unleashed a pair of multicore ARM Cortex-A53 SoCs that target the mobile space.
Flash Software Rules In Hierarchical Storage
SanDisk's non-volatile memory file system (NVMFS) supports auto commit memory (ACM) that provides fine grain flash memory updates.
HyperBus Fills Memory Niche
HyperBus fills a storage bandwidth niche between very high-speed DDR and slower interfaces such as SPI, QSPI, and I2C. Its low pin count simplifies system design.
Making a New Type of Parallel Processing Possible
Micron’s Automata Processor provides a parallel pattern recognition system that supports regular expressions.
Quad-Core Cortex-A53 Supports Fanless vCPE Applications
Freescale’s QorIQ LS1043A tackles virtual CPE applications. Its low-power requirements allow for fanless operation.
SoC Targets Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Texas Instruments' TDA3x targets Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Its advanced EVE vision accelerator can handle 4 camera image integration.
High-Performance Polyamides Open Up New Opportunities for MCCB Manufacturers
By converting their manufacturing from thermosetting polyester compounds to new thermoplastics with superior processing and performance characteristics, MCCB suppliers can improve their designs—and save money.
Thinking Outside the Box
Check out three technologies from Micron, Somnium, and Spansion that take a different approach to performance and optimization.
Wearing Your Technology 2
Wearable technology is more than just smart watches. It can hide inside a shoe or provide an EKG.
Parallel Processing Tools Arrive For Automata Processor
Micron’s Automata Processor performs regular expression matching using a parallel array of state transition elements. The ANML compiler and development tools are now available.
Compact 32-bit Cores Target IoT And Wearables
Cortus’ custom 32-bit cores target low power applications such as IoR and wearable devices..
Micro Targets Telematics With 3D And HyperBus Support
Spansion’s Traveo mixes an ARM Cortex-R5 core with 3D graphics and Spansion’s HyperBus to target automotive telematics applications.
Commentaries and Blogs
Guest Blogs
Nov 11, 2014

How to Outsource Your Project to Failure 3

This article will address failure to carefully vet a potential manufacturing or “turnkey” partner and/or failure to transfer sufficient information and requirements to such a partner, a very common problem I have seen again and again with my clients over the years, and have been the shoulder cried upon by several relatives and clients in the past....More
Nov 11, 2014

Transition from the Academe to the Industry Unraveled 1

There have been many arguments here and there about how short-comings of universities and colleges yield engineers with skill sets that do not cater to the demands of the industry. There have been many arguments here and there about an imminent shortage of engineers lacking knowledge in the sciences. There have been many arguments here and there about how the experience and know-how of engineers in the industry may vanish due to the fact that they can’t be passed on because the academic curriculum deviates from it....More
Nov 11, 2014

Small Beginnings 5

About 10 years ago I received a phone call from an acquaintance. He had found a new opportunity selling some sort of investments and he wanted to share it with me in case I was interested. Ken had done fairly well for many years as a contract software developer primarily in the financial services sector. His specialty was writing RPG code. (RPG is often referred to as a write only language.) But he was seeing the handwriting on the wall as the industry moved on to other methods, and saw himself becoming a fossil....More

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