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Bill is a technology editor for Electronic Design focusing on embedded,software, and systems. Check out his blog, AltEmbedded. If you are submitting press releases please include pricing information and links to hi res (300dpi) images when appropriate or it goes to the bottom of the pile.


Q&A: TI’s Gina Park Discusses DLP, 3D Printing, and 3D Vision
Technology Editor Bill Wong talked with Gina Park, product line manager for DLP catalog products at Texas Instruments, about digital light processing (DLP) technology and its future application areas.
System Simulation Requires Cooperation
Simulation has become a requirement for ASIC development. The cost of creating an actual chip is high as is the turnaround time to make corrections. A chip needs to work the first time. Chip simulation allows designs to be tested...
SmartEyeglass Attach! takes on Google Glass
Sony to show off SmartEyeglass Attach! at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.
Mobile Racking A Server
Technology Editor Bill Wong gives a boost to his server using SuperMicro’s MobileRack, Avago’s MegaRAID controller, Seagate’s Saviio hard disks and Micron’s latest SSDs.
Hands-on a SPLat HMI430 Controller 2
Technology editor Bill Wong takes a look at SPLat Control's HMI430 programmable logic controller board with integrated touchscreen.
LabVIEW Tuned For Software Defined Radio
National Instrument’s LabVIEW gets a tune up to tackle software defined radio design tasks.
Virtual Reality and Embedded Electronics: A Holiday Gift Guide from Bill Wong's Lab Bench

Looking for that perfect something this holiday season for the engineer in your life who’s into embedded development, DIY electronics, or maybe even the latest in virtual reality technology? Electronic Design’s Bill Wong list of holiday gifts will certainly come in handy!

Virtualizing Everything On The Network 2
Welcome to the virtualized network. Everything from packet processing to storage management has moved into virtual machines that can be deployed as necessary.
Q&A: Freescale’s Ian Chen Discusses Sensor Fusion
Technology Editor Bill Wong talks with Freescale’s Ian Chen about sensor fusion and the latest technology tools from Freescale.
Q&A: Microchip Discusses Recent 8-bit MCU Innovations
Technology Editor Bill Wong talks with Microchip’s Steve Drehobl about their continuing innovation in 8-bit arena. Innovations include integrating core-independent and intelligent-analog peripherals with the 8-bit cores.
Enterprise SSD Targets Big Data Applications
Micron’s M500DC Enterprise SATA SSD is optimized for data center appliances and enterprise storage applications that require 1 to 3 drive fills per day.
Q&A: Defining the Next Generation of Mobile Touch
While the current state of touch technology is not the pinnacle of the touchscreen experience, new technologies are elevating the capabilities of devices by simply allowing input from more parts of the hand—fingertip, knuckle, and nail.
Real Techie Holiday Picks From Lab Bench 1
Technology editor Bill Wong presents his holiday gift list for the real engineer. It includes everything from the Bitscope Micro scope and logic analyzer to the Ozobot. Of course, you can upgrade your server using Supermicro's Mobile Rack.
Accelerators Reduce DSC Overhead in Motion Control Applications
Texas Instrument's C2000 Piccolo F2807x incorporates a trigonometric math unit (TMU) and control law accelerator (CLA) to handle high speed analog analysis.
What Tech Will You Be Wearing Next Year? 2
Wearable technology market growth continues to rise with the proliferation of low-power micros and sensors.
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Dec 15, 2014

Who Are You? (I Really Want to Know!) 3

Borrowing a stanza from The Who’s hit song seemed like a good way to bring attention to a critical topic often ignored by engineers. When finding information on a company that has an interesting product, what do we do? Of course, we look at its Web page to learn more....More
Dec 15, 2014

Bridging Technical Communication Barriers Between Cultures

Understanding technical concepts in different languages can sometimes prove to be difficult, particularly when you have to communicate it. In this article, I discuss the challenges and possible courses of action....More
Dec 1, 2014

Programming Efficiency 7

When I started college, the Intel 4004 was being designed. The C programming language and UNIX operating system were being developed (unbeknownst to me). I did most of my programming in BASIC on an HP 2100 series mini-computer....More
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