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Bill is a technology editor for Electronic Design focusing on embedded,software, and systems. Check out his blog, AltEmbedded. If you are submitting press releases please include pricing information and links to hi res (300dpi) images when appropriate or it goes to the bottom of the pile.


Gallery: Threading FTF 2015
Thread, from The Thread Group, was linking a host of Freescale boards and modules together in the Internet of Things (or Tomorrow) at the 2015 Freescale Technology Forum.
Q&A: NRAM—as Fast as DRAM and Non-Volatile Like Flash
Electronic Design’s Bill Wong talks with Nantero’s Greg Schmergel about the company’s new generation of super-fast, high-density, low-power memory that’s based on carbon nanotubes.
Multidie IoT SoC Blends Micro and Memory
Freescale’s i.MX 6Dual SCM mixes an SoC with DRAM and SPI flash via a multichip carrier for a highly integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform.
High-Density Storage
One can never have enough storage and chip designers have been working hard to deliver as much storage as possible.
Ethernet Continues to Go Faster and Get More Flexible
It was hard to imagine Ethernet’s staying power when it first appeared on the market almost 35 years ago. It used thick coax. It pumped data at 10 Mbit/s....
Hyper-Registers Boost Throughput in Monolithic FPGA Chip
Altera’s Stratix 10 uses new design features and Intel’s 14 nm Tri-Gate transistor technology to deliver twice the performance versus the previous generation of FPGAs.
Tools to Build a Cortex Core
Not everyone gets to design a new microcontroller or microprocessor, but ARM has some new tools if a Cortex core is in your next design.
PCI Express Mini Card Tackles Compact Embedded Expansion
PCI Express Mini Cards provide laptop designers with wireless options, but the form factor is particularly useful for embedded system expansion.
Lightweight Virtual Reality Glasses Use Bluetooth 1
Dlodlo plans to deliver a low-cost, lightweight pair of virtual reality glasses that utilizes Bluetooth connectivity.
What’s the Difference Between NRZ and PAM?
PAM-4 may be to used to reach 400-Gb/s Ethernet, as well as being a good fit for other high-speed serial interfaces like Fibre Channel. So what’s the difference between the usual non-return to zero (NRZ) and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)?
Hypervisor Supports Virtual Machines
Imagination Technologies’ OmniShield provides secure hypervisor support to its MIPS-based processor cores.
Q&A: Freescale’s Rouwet and Alcatel-Lucent’s Urie Discuss 5G
Technology Editor Bill Wong talks with Freescale’s Wim Rouwet and Alcatel-Lucent’s Alistair Urie about 5G networks and the technology’s future.
Non-Volatile NRAM Nanotubes Deliver Endurance and Performance
Nantero’s non-volatile, nanotube-based NRAM is the latest memory technology to try to unseat DRAM and flash memory.
FPGA Design Tool Takes Hierarchical Approach
Altera’s Quartus II FPGA design tool incorporates SpectraQ engine to handle large and complex applications.
Gallery: Unusual UAVs at AUVSI 2015
Not all unmanned vehicles at AUVSI 2015 were the normal planes and copters. These UAVs take different approaches to mobility and control.
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Guest Blogs
May 29, 2015

Engineering Education: Fact and Fiction 4

I have taken a keen interest in the dialogue (that has been going on for many years) about the quality of engineering education in the U.S....More
May 1, 2015

Transition from the Academe to the Industry Unraveled (Part 2) 4

Some few months ago, I wrote an article contrasting academe and work life as well as the adjustments and precautions that had to be made by a typical fresh graduate......More
Mar 6, 2015

Programming Efficiency: Part 2 2

A number of years ago I did some work on a PABX. The device was electromechanical and far from state of the art, but the owner had been talked into spending a bunch of money expanding it and couldn’t justify scrapping it....More

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