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Bill is a technology editor for Electronic Design focusing on embedded,software, and systems. Check out his blog, AltEmbedded. If you are submitting press releases please include pricing information and links to hi res (300dpi) images when appropriate or it goes to the bottom of the pile.


802.15.4 Transceiver Handles Dual-PAN Applications
Freescale's MCR20AVHM 802.15.4 transceiver can handle two networks without packet loss.
Windows 10 Gets More Secure
Microsoft’s Windows 10 adds a number of new security features, including application whitelisting, to help users lock down a system.
Digital Front End Puts the Squeeze on FPGAs 1
Texas Instruments’ 66AK2L06 Keystone family incorporates a software-configurable digital front end (DFE) that can often replace the FPGA that sits between the host and the analog front-end.
DLP Shines the Light on Automotive HUDs
Texas Instruments’ DLP unit is set to light up the latest automotive heads-up displays (HUD), providing larger and clearer images.
Low-Power RPU Offers Simultaneous WiFi and Bluetooth Support
Imagination Technologies’ latest radio processing units (RPUs) handle WiFi and Bluetooth Smart at the same time.
Q&A: Embedded Vision Alliance Founder Jeff Bier on Visual Intelligence’s Future
In this Q&A interview, Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance and co-founder of BDTI, shares why embedded vision is a technology to watch, and offers a preview of the fifth Embedded Vision Summit, May 12 in Santa Clara, Calif.
Q&A: TenAsys’ Hartman Discusses Embedded Virtualization and Microsoft Windows
Embedded virtualization is the key to unlocking the benefits of PCs as multifunction computing platforms while preserving determinism for real-time and I/O-intensive functions.
Day of the LOCUST
ONR’s (Office of Naval Research) LOCUST (LOw-Cost Unmanned aerial vehicle Swarming Technology) test system uses cooperative tube-launched drones.
The Many Faces of Embedded Security
While there is no such thing as absolute security, it is possible to make things much more difficult for a would-be attacker.
RTOS Employs Profile-Based Power Management
Texas Instruments has released the latest version of its TI RTOS featuring a profile-based power management system.
MSP430 MCU Family Expands to 32 Bits
Texas Instruments expanded its ultra-low power MSP430 family with the 32-bit, Cortex-M4F core MSP432.
Q&A: Mentor’s Kurisu Discusses Embedded-Systems Solution for Industrial Automation
Addressing the growing challenges of consolidating, optimizing, and maintaining embedded safe and secure software for industrial automation and IoT product development, Mentor Graphics’ new comprehensive solution delivers an extensive portfolio of technologies and services.
2015 Drones to Keep an Eye On - Bill Wong's Lab Bench
Electronic Design's Bill Wong showcases some of the top consumer drones, quadrotors and UAVs available in 2015.
Ultra-Low Power Cortex-M3 Targets Wireless IoT 1
Texas Instruments’ Cortex-M3-based SimpleLink family handles ultra-low power applications for the Internet of Things.
Q&A: DecaWave’s Ciaran Connell on UWB, Indoor Location, Robots, and IoT
Knowing the position of a person or device is useful with the Internet of Things, but determining that information indoors can be a challenge because GPS isn’t available.
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Guest Blogs
Mar 6, 2015

Programming Efficiency: Part 2 2

A number of years ago I did some work on a PABX. The device was electromechanical and far from state of the art, but the owner had been talked into spending a bunch of money expanding it and couldn’t justify scrapping it....More
Jan 21, 2015

How To Dumb Down Smart Electronics 8

In our generation of microcontroller-enhanced everything, it has been frustrating at best to see how often the capability of smart hardware has been foiled by the design of poorly purposed software....More
Dec 15, 2014

Who Are You? (I Really Want to Know!) 7

Borrowing a stanza from The Who’s hit song seemed like a good way to bring attention to a critical topic often ignored by engineers. When finding information on a company that has an interesting product, what do we do? Of course, we look at its Web page to learn more....More

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