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Oct 06, 2016

The Alt.Embedded News Roundup, Part 1

Technology Editor Bill Wong collects some of the recent articles on Electronic Design that you might want to take a look at....More
Sep 16, 2016

Self-Driving Cars Are Coming Whether You Like It or Not22

Sorry, Lou (Frenzel). We are not going to be able to forget this self-driving car nonsense. It is coming whether we like it or not....More
Sep 13, 2016

Integrated Fabric is Key to Many Core Platforms2

Intel’s Knights Landing Xeon Phi is now shipping with built-in support for Intel’s OmniPath fabric....More
Sep 13, 2016

Newest Chips Are Stacking the Decks—With Memory

Because it provides a significant boost in capacity, 3D memory is now the norm for flash and DRAM....More
Sep 02, 2016

Pokèmon Go, IoT, and System Design7

What do Pokèmon Go and IoT system design have in common? More than you might think....More
Aug 30, 2016

Scalable Vector Extensions Expand the ARMv8-A's Scope

ARM’s Scalable Vector Extensions for the ARMv8-A architecture expands its scope to supercomputing and high performance embedded systems....More
Aug 24, 2016

More Storage Changes Are Coming

The Flash Memory Summit continues to be the place where the latest storage technology is announced. This year is no different with a host of new....More
Aug 12, 2016

Tiny Module Supports Wearable Technology2

Developing wearable applications is not easy. It requires compact devices that tend to be more difficult to prototype. Likewise, designing platforms....More
Aug 10, 2016

The Internet Turns 25—and Braces for the IoT Blitz3

The first public webserver started running in 1991. This eventually led to the Internet we know today that is starting to be dominated by the....More
Aug 05, 2016

Basis Peak: Buy an IoT or High-Tech Device, Get a Recall Refund12

Intel is recalling all the Basis Peak smartwatches. While obviously significant, this is not the only occurrence of a major IoT device recall....More
Jul 28, 2016

What’s the Difference Between SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL?3

Technology Editor Bill Wong examines the differences between SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases....More
Jul 27, 2016

Join Our Smart Cities Twitterchat1

Find out about Smart Cities, IoT and Twitter chat....More
Jul 22, 2016

A Hands-on Look at the STM32F7 Discovery Board2

Technology Editor Bill Wong takes ST Microelectronics’ STM32 F7 Discovery board to task....More
Jul 19, 2016

Handling an Ultra-Low-Power Cortex-M4

Technology Editor Bill Wong takes a hands-on look at Ambiq Micro’s Apollo, an ultra-low-power Cortex-M4....More
Jul 11, 2016

Don’t Forget Those Emulators and Simulators4

When developing applications, designers tend to overlook emulators and simulators, which can play key roles in the debug stage....More

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Jul 15, 2016

Simple Yet Effective ESD Testing Methods for Higher Reliability 7

There are multiple ways to test for electrostatic discharge, ranging from implementing a human-body or machine model to....using a balloon and a comb?...More
Apr 8, 2016

Confabbing on the Fabless Fad 5

High capital and maintenance costs, and EDA advances along with abstractions to deal with chip complexity, have been leading contributors to the fabless migration....More
Mar 2, 2016

Home or Very Small Office Electronic Circuit Prototypes, Part 4 23

Part 4 focuses on testing for a reflow oven and build of a mixed SMT/through-hole board....More

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