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Mar 08, 2017

Have You Experienced MOOCs Yet?6

How do you keep up with technology or learn new subjects related to your career? Here's an alternative you may not have explored....More
Feb 27, 2017

Self-Driving Vehicle Tech: The Good News and the Bad12

No matter how you feel about self-driving cars, all of the R&D investment that's gone into them will be of value elsewhere....More
Feb 10, 2017

How Trump’s New FCC May Affect You27

If you’re a communications policy wonk, you probably already follow the doings of the FCC. If not, maybe you should....More
Jan 30, 2017

Is It Time to Bring Back the TV Antenna?28

Accompanying the general cord-cutting trend, the percentage of U.S. households using antenna-only TV has grown....More
Jan 18, 2017

Cellular Could Dominate IoT Applications

Cellular systems are poised to play a bigger role in the IoT movement than expected....More
Jan 04, 2017

5 Things You Must Know About the New Bluetooth 51

Longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity come with Bluetooth 5, which makes it an even stronger wireless competitor in the....More
Dec 06, 2016

Retro ICs that Will Never Die26

From the 555 timer to the LM317 regulator, many old-time components still can be had from suppliers to help engineers, hobbyists, or even college....More
Nov 14, 2016

Getting Acquainted with NB-IoT

It’s understandable that you may have missed mention of yet another wireless technology for enabling IoT applications....More
Oct 28, 2016

Wi-Fi Alliance Resuscitates the IEEE’s 60-GHz Neglected Stepchild5

Are you using the 60-GHz IEEE standard 802.11ad? Is anyone?....More
Sep 27, 2016

Scanning the Spectrum of "Weird Wireless"12

We all use the familiar mainstream wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, there are many other unusual and less-well-known wireless....More
Sep 12, 2016

What You Should Know About the New Apple iPhone 7 and Watch1

On Wednesday September 7th , Apple announced the forthcoming availability of two new models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus....More
Aug 22, 2016

Forget this Self-Driving Car Nonsense44

Autonomous cars may be on the way, but Lou Frenzel is having none of it....More
Aug 09, 2016

NIWeek: The Best Electronic Conference

Lou Frenzel has been to many conferences over the years, but for him, NIWeek is in its own category....More
Aug 01, 2016

And the Best Micro for Beginner Learning is…18

While the responses to Lou Frenzel's blog on choosing the best microcontroller were broad, a consensus of sorts did emerge....More
Jul 18, 2016

How to Choose the Best Microcontroller41

Electronic Design's own Lou Frenzel is updating one of his textbooks—and is soliciting advice from readers on microcontroller content to include....More

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Lou Frenzel writes articles and blogs on the wireless, communications and networking sectors for Electronic Design. Formerly, Lou was professor and department head at Austin Community College...
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Jan 26, 2017

An Amateur’s View on the P2 (Part 2): Slew Rate and the Oscillator 3

Justin Mamaradlo takes a further look into the P2 op amp and how it functions, analyzing the oscillation and slew-rate characteristics of the venerable component....More
Jul 15, 2016

Simple Yet Effective ESD Testing Methods for Higher Reliability 11

There are multiple ways to test for electrostatic discharge, ranging from implementing a human-body or machine model to....using a balloon and a comb?...More
Apr 8, 2016

Confabbing on the Fabless Fad 5

High capital and maintenance costs, and EDA advances along with abstractions to deal with chip complexity, have been leading contributors to the fabless migration....More

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