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Jan 16, 2013

What the devil is an EMP and should you be afraid?

You may have heard of an EMP or electromagnetic pulse.  It is a phenomenon usually associated with a nuclear explosion.  An EMP is a very....More
Jan 03, 2013

Top 10 Things They Do Not Teach You In Engineering School

Engineering colleges and universities generally do a good job of teaching the fundamentals.  On the other hand they are often lagging in the....More
Dec 10, 2012

The End is Near. Are Magnetic Fields to Blame?

A look at what some are saying is the end of the world....More
Nov 25, 2012

Just say no to the driverless car

Commentary and opinion about the driverless, robotic car....More
Nov 04, 2012

Tablet Tsunami: iPad mini, Surface and Others

A quick look at the Apple iPad mini tablet, the Microsoft Surface tablets and a few others....More
Oct 25, 2012

Can White Spaces Save Wireless?

Commentary on how white spaces and spectrum sharing might aleviate the spectrum shortage....More
Oct 15, 2012

Quality Time With An iPhone 5

This summary relates some of my recent positive experiences with a new Apple iPhone 5....More
Oct 08, 2012

A Decade of ZigBee Wireless

ZigBee Alliance wireless standard celebrates its 10th anniversary....More
Oct 05, 2012

Turn Everything Off or Be Regulated

Self regulation may be the key to cutting power consumption in set top boxes....More
Sep 24, 2012

Heathkit: A Right-Time, right-Place Business

A look at why Heathkit succeeded and how it failed....More
Sep 12, 2012

Apple Announces iPhone 5: Big Surprise!

An introduction to the new Apple iPhone 5....More
Sep 05, 2012

New Smartphones from Nokia and Motorola Face Off With iPhone 5

A brief introduction the the new smartphones introduced by Nokia and Motorola on September 5th....More
Sep 03, 2012

Waitng on the iPhone 5. And Others.

Speculation about the new Apple iPhone 5 and its competitors....More
Aug 31, 2012

Apple Wins Big Over Samsung. Do Customers Win or Lose?

Conjecture over who wins and who loses given the outcome of the recent Apple-Samsung lawsuit....More
Aug 16, 2012

Long Live the 555 Timer IC

A salute to Hans Camenzind who passed away recently and his famous 555 timer IC design....More

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