William Wong

Technical Editor, Penton Media

Bill Wong covers Digital, Embedded, Systems and Software topics at Electronic Design. He writes a number of columns, including Lab Bench and alt.embedded, plus Bill's Workbench hands-on column. Bill is a Georgia Tech alumni with a B.S in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in computer science for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
He has written a dozen books and was the first Director of PC Labs at PC Magazine. He has worked in the computer and publication industry for almost 40 years and has been with Electronic Design since 2000. He helps run the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair in Mercer County, NJ.

Posts by William Wong

in alt.embedded Feb 13, 2015

Zombies at Solidworks World 2015!

We find a zombie simulation at Solidworks World 2015, along with a lot more—from new workstation laptops to innovations in 3D printing....More
in alt.embedded Feb 06, 2015

What Can You Make with These Development Boards?

Developers have access to a host of options to work with the latest processing platforms. We take a look at the Raspberry Pi 2, Gizmo 2, and Creator....More
in alt.embedded Feb 01, 2015

What Happens When You Throw an Alkali Metal into Dihydrogen Monoxide?

Did you every toss a silvery alkali metal into dihydrogen monoxide while in high school? The reaction tends to be violent. Neat....More
in alt.embedded Jan 30, 2015

Embedded World 2015 Preview

Embedded World 2015 is coming up. It will highligh a lot of the latest technology that will be available to embedded developers and consumers this....More
in alt.embedded Jan 16, 2015

Create Great-Looking Text on IoT Devices

How will the text look on your latest embedded device? It is often overlooked or assumed that poor presentation is acceptable with low-cost....More
in alt.embedded Jan 14, 2015

CES 2015 In Review

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was as busy as ever where one could find the latest in wearable tech, curved OLED UHD screens, 3D printers and....More
in alt.embedded Dec 12, 2014

A Rising Star

Technology Editor Bill Wong discusses Roger Amidon and his work with TPM and VALDOCS on the Epson QX10/16....More
in alt.embedded Dec 02, 2014

I Really Like Redundancy

Technology Editor Bill Wong likes redundancy especially when it comes to servers. Redundancy has saved him on multiple occasions....More
in alt.embedded Nov 18, 2014

Real Tech Toys for the Holidays

What do you get for the tech-minded for the holidays? Smartwatches are not the only alternative....More
in alt.embedded Nov 03, 2014

Voting And Judging Science Fairs

Technology Editor Bill Wong rants about getting out the vote and judges for science fairs....More
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Mar 6, 2015

Programming Efficiency: Part 2 2

A number of years ago I did some work on a PABX. The device was electromechanical and far from state of the art, but the owner had been talked into spending a bunch of money expanding it and couldn’t justify scrapping it....More
Jan 21, 2015

How To Dumb Down Smart Electronics 8

In our generation of microcontroller-enhanced everything, it has been frustrating at best to see how often the capability of smart hardware has been foiled by the design of poorly purposed software....More
Dec 15, 2014

Who Are You? (I Really Want to Know!) 7

Borrowing a stanza from The Who’s hit song seemed like a good way to bring attention to a critical topic often ignored by engineers. When finding information on a company that has an interesting product, what do we do? Of course, we look at its Web page to learn more....More

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