William Wong

Technical Editor, Penton Media

Bill Wong covers Digital, Embedded, Systems and Software topics at Electronic Design. He writes a number of columns, including Lab Bench and alt.embedded, plus Bill's Workbench hands-on column. Bill is a Georgia Tech alumni with a B.S in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in computer science for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
He has written a dozen books and was the first Director of PC Labs at PC Magazine. He has worked in the computer and publication industry for almost 40 years and has been with Electronic Design since 2000. He helps run the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair in Mercer County, NJ.

Posts by William Wong

in alt.embedded Jul 05, 2016

Preventing Fatal Pilot Error Is Always a Challenge

The much-publicized accident involving Tesla’s Model S was a sober reminder that, while technology is great when it works, it can be fatal when it....More
in alt.embedded Jun 28, 2016

Are You Up for the Ada Challenge?

The Make with Ada competition is coming up, and you might be able to win some cash for an Ada project....More
in alt.embedded Jun 27, 2016

Debugging at Home

Debugging the high-tech home can get interesting—especially when electrical SNAFUs occur....More
in alt.embedded Jun 17, 2016

Tiny Modules Target IoT Applications

The Internet of Things often means tiny and mobile, and that makes designs challenging. One alternative is to use modules delivered by vendors like....More
in alt.embedded May 18, 2016

GPUs and Deep Learning

Deep learning, or deep neural nets (DNNs), is the technical craze these days. It is targeting everything from self-driving cars to tagging photos....More
in alt.embedded May 13, 2016

Gaming PC: Overclocking or GPU

Building a gaming PC from scratch is relatively easy these days. Just start with a great case, a fast GPU, and go from there....More
in alt.embedded May 12, 2016

For Ghostbusting Technology, Who Ya Gonna Call?

The new Ghostbusters movie has a lot of changes, including some new hardware designed by an MIT post-doc....More
in alt.embedded May 04, 2016

It's a Chip, So It Must Be Secure

Ransomware, mulch, and a chip can all be tied together, or at least I will be doing that here....More
in alt.embedded Apr 27, 2016

What Does Your Company Do About Safety and Security?

The Barr Group’s latest survey results from embedded programmers reveals some interesting statistics about safety and security....More
in alt.embedded Mar 31, 2016

Are micro:bits the Right Way to Teach STEM?

One million micro:bits are being delivered to British school children to help teach STEM, but is it the right way to do things?....More
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Jul 15, 2016

Simple Yet Effective ESD Testing Methods for Higher Reliability 5

There are multiple ways to test for electrostatic discharge, ranging from implementing a human-body or machine model to....using a balloon and a comb?...More
Apr 8, 2016

Confabbing on the Fabless Fad 4

High capital and maintenance costs, and EDA advances along with abstractions to deal with chip complexity, have been leading contributors to the fabless migration....More
Mar 2, 2016

Home or Very Small Office Electronic Circuit Prototypes, Part 4 22

Part 4 focuses on testing for a reflow oven and build of a mixed SMT/through-hole board....More

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