Engineering Hall of Fame


At the end of each year, the editors of Electronic Design nominate new candidates for our Engineering Hall of Fame, and then select a group of new inductees based on level of contribution, industry impact, lasting achievement and feedback from our readers. We would like to thank all the engineers and other readers who help us in this process, for sharing your enthusiasm, and for your support of us and these important innovators. We are proud to salute these legends on your behalf.

We proudly present the Class of 2012.

Gallery: 2013 Engineering Hall Of Fame

Engineering Hall of Fame, Inductees by Year:

2011: Early, Anderson, Adams, Olsen, Hamming

2010: Baliga, Beckey, Wheatley, Bell, Atanasoff, Berry, Varian, Eastham

2009: Beckman, Boschert, Gifford, Holonyak Jr., Kahn, Maiman

2008: Engelberger, Forrester, Frye, Gosling, Kay, Minsky

2007: Baran, deGeus, LeCroy, Bushnell, Engelbart, Knuth

2006: Kurzweil, Viterbi, Proteus, Collins, Gould, Weston

2005: Lear, Keithley, Dolby, Nyquist, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Sperry

2004: Berners-Lee, Black, Lidow, Kurtz, Mead, Petersen, Wang

2003: Stata, Cooper Gilbert, Stallman, Conway, Navarro

2002: Gordon, Pease, Hoff, Metcalfe, Dobkin, House, Shugart, Vinciarelli, Kodosky, Birkner


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electronic component description standard

For each BOM item there is a description such as:   RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 301OHM, 1/4W, 1210   My question is: Is there a standard that defines how to write such a description for various components such as resitor, capacitor, IC, diode, transistor, etc?   Denis...More

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