Linear Tech’s LTC2668-16 voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) features SoftSpan outputs that are independently configurable for one of five selectable unipolar and bipolar output ranges up to ±10 V. Each rail-to-rail DAC output, which can source or sink 10 mA with guaranteed load regulation, is stable driving capacitive loads up to 1000 pF. The 16-channel, 16-bit device can be operated from a single 5-V supply, or from dual bipolar supplies, depending on the output-voltage range requirement. A precision 2.5-V, 10-ppm/°C max reference generates the five SoftSpan output ranges (it can also be driven with an external reference). Its 16:1 high-voltage analog multiplexer enables monitoring of circuit integrity or performing in-circuit calibration. An A/B toggle function generates ac bias or can apply dither to a system. Both 16- and 12-bit versions are available in commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature grades. Applications include optical modules, programmable logic controllers, MRI and X-ray imaging, automatic test equipment, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes.