The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was big and brash as usual but, by the same token, the really interesting stuff was not on the main floor. Our CES 2012 video coverage lets you see what we saw on the main floor and in the meeting rooms in Las Vegas.

A lot of what was on the floor this year was shown in the meeting rooms last year. You can watch New Samsung Displays: 3D, Green and Ultra-Thin at Engineering TV. This is where we had a first hand look at large, autostereoscopic 3D television technology that was a bit hard to find on the floor. In 2012 there were half a dozen on display on the main floor.

3D was all around the show. There was event a televised boxing on ESPN 3D. Everyone was able to see the 3D cameras ESPN is using. Now if there was enough decent 3D content on cable it might be reasonable to get a 3D HDTV. On the other hand, if you are a gamer then 3D is great (see 3D Needs Games And At Least A 60-in Screen ). And yes, all the 3D games and movies were being shown on multiple, very large screens. The only 3D on tiny screens were a couple of smartphones and cameras, if you could find them.

There was so much to see that I divided everything into about a dozen sections listed below. The Engineering TV videos are listed in this sections as well so if you want to just watch then check out the sections of interest. Some videos show up in more than one section when appropriate.

And, like anyone who has been to CES will tell you, there is too much to see even in one week. It is worse if more than half your time is spent in meeting rooms. Then again, that is where the action is. Luckily I can talk about most of what I saw at CES. The rest will have to wait until later in the year. So enjoy.