The Sealevel Modbus Connect app for iOS 7 and later allows communication with Sealevel Modbus TCP compatible products including SeaI/O and eI/O modules, bringing the power of mobile connectivity to industrial data acquisition and control. The app accesses the registers, coils and discretes of a Modbus device from a connected iPhone or iPad, and includes low-level Modbus support that separates the hardware data acquisition layer from the software application layer, simplifying set up and configuration. Plant engineers can use Sealevel Modbus Connect to monitor and control I/O remotely, saving time and decreasing downtime. I/O status is displayed graphically on screens that support both portrait and landscape orientations. The in-depth access to Modbus operation identifies errors that might otherwise require extensive troubleshooting for design engineers and programmers developing Modbus applications. Users can send custom Modbus requests and access raw request and response frames, and the app can even be used as an educational tool for anyone that wants to learn Modbus. The Sealevel Modbus Connect app is available for free on the AppStore.