Can I run Java on low end microcontrollers?

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Can I run Java on low end microcontrollers?

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Do you have any specific commercial examples other than the Parallax Javelin Stamp?

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A lot of bank "smartcards" run a subset of Java called Javacard. Most are 8 bit processors with extremely limited RAM (but a larger ROM or flash to hold the VM code or runtime interpreter) - I think Javacard omits many heavier features like multi-threading, floating point data, multi-dimensional arrays etc etc. It is strong on security features, as one might expect. Javacard manuals / ref books should exist and help.

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java is also available on Microcontroller but then question need to be asked is how much external memory I need. I was recently talking to Oracle on Java in Freescale seminar. Java is fast but they can not guarantee real time performance. In such cases a developer need to partition his memory for real time tasks and JAVA.

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