Integrated into a 10-inch touch tablet with the full Windows 8 operating system, the RF-Vue T10 RF spectrum analyzer from Kaltman Creations covers the standard wireless microphone and IEM frequency range of 470 to 700 MHz. The RF-Vue T10X, an extended frequency version covering 40 MHz up to 2.5 GHz, is also available, as well as the RF-Vue NT, an electronics/software only version for USB connection to the user’s own tablet or laptop. The analyzer has full finger navigation functions such as pinch, expand-zoom and slide. A user can enter any available frequency sweep range and view the RF spectrum looking for open RF space for channel selections, interference avoidance or interference troubleshooting, all in real-time. The unit also features spectral traces, Touch-to-Listen in to all RF space and RF Congestion Scale to gauge the severity of local RF. The RF-Vue T10 spectrum analyzer is priced at $1,750, the RF-Vue T10X is $1,995, the RF-Vue NT starts at $1,095 and the RF-Vue NTX extended frequency software version is priced at $1,350.