While the Internet of Things is expected to make everything and everyone more closely integrated with wireless technology, it also opens new channels for hackers and other cyber-threats to exploit. As a result, the demand for real-time data acquisition and network security testing has been steadily rising.

According to a recent report from research firm Frost & Sullivan, the market for network security testing is expected to prosper over the next five years. The growing demand for traffic inspection, breach detection, and malware and firewall testing is projected to push the market to around $1.85 billion by 2021. The market, which earned revenues of $813 million in 2014, is expected to continue growing as companies merge information technology with their services.

The report noted that vendors will have to begin designing custom test equipment for specific industries. The financial industry, for instance, demands for more secure networks, while banking and healthcare require faster speeds. The idea is to design test equipment that targets the specific demands of a certain market, such as private enterprises and government organizations.