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Hey everyone!! 1

I’m Kiara Smith. I've been doing electronics for about 1 year. And my favorite things to do with electronics are PCB manufacturing! ! I have lots of things to share and to ask. Regards to all....More

Chip/VLSI Design Outsourcing 1

I am an experienced chip designer with more than 13 years of design career. I am particularly specialized in FPGA, ASIC and SOC design and I am also skilled at designing mixed analog and digital circuits. Since 2000 I entered into the VLSI industry at some of the leading semiconductor corporations and design firms and have designed numerous chips in various industry fields for a number of clients. As a result I am familiar with the entire design process and methodologies, particularly the back end layout design - partitioning, floorplanning, placement and routing....More

Alarm/Speaker Help 1

Hey everybody!  Kind of funny when I read there are no dumb questions here because this is going to be one.  I have an idea that requires a dime sized alarm/speaker thats activated by a button or remote that you push.  Does anyone know how I could build one of these for cheap or is somebody already selling them?  I mean alarms are sold but the size (smaller and lighter the better) is very important. They would be getting massed produced.  Thanks a lot guys!!...More

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