Dave Van Ess

Van Ess
Cypress Semiconductor

Dave Van Ess is an application engineer, MTS, with Cypress Semiconductor. He has a BSEE from the University of Calif., Berkeley.

Filters Affect Spreadsheet Delta-Sigma Modulators 3
A digital density stream can easily be converted to a digital word. A spreadsheet model can show the effect of a simple averaging filter on the output of a DSM.
Turn A Spreadsheet Into A Delta-Sigma Modulator
All engineers have spreadsheets on their computer and know how to use them. The input is just a column of data, and the output is plotted.
My Favorite Modulator Only Needs Leftover Components
Modulators allow an analog signal to be converted to a single logic stream where the percentage that the signal is high (density) is proportional to the original analog signal—and you can build a good one with parts you probably already have.
Integrate Your Signals Before Digitizing Them 1
Heuristic derivation of a circuit that does not require an ADC to digitize the integral over time of an input signal.
IFDs: Like A Colleague Suggesting “Try This!”
Cypress' Dave Van Ess recalls some clever entries in past "Ideas for Design" column that have struck him as exceptionally clever or useful.
Did You Buffer The Buffered Buffer? 4
Cypress' Dave Van Ess cautions circuit designers about the sloppy overuse of op amps with examples and circuit theory.
How Robust Is Your Career? 3
Cypress's Dave Van Ess recalls a talk he gave to undergraguate engineers about situational ethics. One way to preserve your integrity, he says, is to establish a "FU Fund."
Dither: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore 1

When working with mixed-signal technology, you will find that the subject of dithering keeps showing up. Most engineers know that averaging “n” samples of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) will reduce the noise by the square root of the samples averaged.

What Color Was George Washington’s White Horse?
Dave Van Ess uses a trick question to lead into a discussion of common-mode rejection ratio.
Signal Processing In The Density Domain (Part V)
Dave Van Ess completes his analysis of mixed signal circuits in the fifth part of a series of columns on the Density Domain.
Signal Processing In The Density Domain (Part IV)
Dave Van Ess extends his tutorial to an analysis of IIE and FIR filters by analyzing them in the density domain.
Signal Processing In The Density Domain (Part III)
Dave Van Ess continues his series on circuit analysis in what he characterizes as the digital domain with the beginnings of a look at modulators and fiters, with a focus on delta-sigmas.
Signal Processing In The Density Domain (Part II)

Signal Processing In The Density Domain (Part I)
Cypress's Dave Van Ess proposes a novel way of analyzing mixed-signal circuits in terms of serializing the digitized analog signal and then assesing the relative time the signal is high.
A Trip to The Gun Show; Or, An Analog Parable About Precision Versus Accuracy 1

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