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Robin Tichy is a product marketing engineer with Micro Power Electronics Inc. Robin Tichy is a product marketing engineer with Micro Power Electronics Inc.

Market Shift From Laptops To Tablets Affects Battery Design-Ins
The laptop market has benefitted from the industry's standard use of 18650 batteries. The growing consumer preference for tablets over laptops, though, will disrupt that supply stability.
The Battery Industry Struggles In The Earthquake’s Aftermath
Dr Sarah Robin Tichy analyzes the potential effect of the Japan earthquake disaste on Lithium battery supplies.
Electric Cars Look To Li-Air Batteries For Exponentially Better Range 4

Chemistry research moves at a snail’s pace, and battery innovation is no exception. It needs a catalyst. Pardon the pun, but the world is clamoring for alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles, and today’s batteries have a long way to go.

Operating Conditions Get Tougher On Li-Ion Batteries

Shipping Li-Ion Batteries? Watch For Changing Rules
Robin Tichy, contributing columnist for Electronic Design, explains the rules regarding the shipment of Li-ion batteries, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, and how they are changing.
Batteries Present A Great Hope For U.S. Manufacturing
Contributing Editor Robin Tichy muses about the hopes that batteries hold for a U.S. manufacturing rebound, as well as about John Goodenough, an Enrico Fermi Award winner for his contributions to the underlying science behind Li-ion technology.
Use Cell Balancing To Enable Large-Scale Li-ion Batteries
Many applications need lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs with high cell counts. Large-scale arrays based on Li-ion batteries can provide the high voltage, current, and capacity required by many emerging markets. Yet designers of larger battery packs face
Changes To IEEE 1625 Establish A High Bar For Battery Design 1
IEEE 1625, a voluntary standard for lithium laptop battery makers has been updated.
Transportation Guidelines For Lithium Batteries Get Updated
Most people involved in the design and manufacture of portable devices have heard that there are significant restrictions and in-depth testing associated with the shipment of lithium-based battery packs. However, the details of the regulations are
The Dangers Of Counterfeit Battery Packs: Answers To Reader Questions
The continuing growth of portable handheld devices has spawned a healthy selection of aftermarket battery pack suppliers. Yet aftermarket vendors may resort to activities that compromise the end-user experience or safety to make the battery pa
Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Knockoff Battery Packs
In recent years, the news of individual battery incidents such as cell-phone and laptop fires has been eclipsed by factory fires and large recalls of lithium-ion (Liion) cells. Several large, well-known Li-ion cell suppliers have been affected
You've Got High-Power Battery Questions, We've Got Answers
Historically, the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) cell has been the best solution for handheld applications with usage profiles requiring large current pulses. But new environmental regulations may have a marked effect on cells containing heavy metal
Look Past The Misconceptions And Myths Surrounding Li-Polymer
Batteries based on lithium polymer (Li-polymer) have been “the next big thing” in portable power for the last 10 years. Li-polymer batteries started appearing in small consumer electronics applications, such as wireless headsets, several years
Lithium-Ion Battery System Upgrades Require Power-Management Analysis
As portable electronic systems become more sophisticated, selecting the optimum battery requires an intensive analysis of the entire power-management system. Many manufacturers now consider lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries because they hold advantages over
Battery Design Issues For An AED
The automated external defibrillator (AED) is one example of a medical product that's experiencing extremely fast adoption. These growth rates are due to improvements in the ease of use and to the battery technology that enables mobility and remote use. I
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Mar 6, 2015

Programming Efficiency: Part 2 2

A number of years ago I did some work on a PABX. The device was electromechanical and far from state of the art, but the owner had been talked into spending a bunch of money expanding it and couldn’t justify scrapping it....More
Jan 21, 2015

How To Dumb Down Smart Electronics 7

In our generation of microcontroller-enhanced everything, it has been frustrating at best to see how often the capability of smart hardware has been foiled by the design of poorly purposed software....More
Dec 15, 2014

Who Are You? (I Really Want to Know!) 7

Borrowing a stanza from The Who’s hit song seemed like a good way to bring attention to a critical topic often ignored by engineers. When finding information on a company that has an interesting product, what do we do? Of course, we look at its Web page to learn more....More

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