Don Tuite covers Analog and Power issues for Electronic Design’s magazine and website. He has a BSEE and an M.S in Technical Communication, and has worked for companies in aerospace, broadcasting, test equipment, semiconductors, publishing, and media relations, focusing on developing insights that link technology, business, and communications. Don is also a ham radio operator (NR7X), private pilot, and motorcycle rider, and he’s not half bad on the 5-string banjo.

Posts by Don Tuite

in Secondary Emissions Oct 07, 2013

Birdies on the Wing: Questions about Clock Dithering and the FAA

"What if 300 people on an airplane are all using multiple gadgets, each of which raises the noise floor by just a little bit?"....More
in Secondary Emissions Aug 17, 2013

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and LIM Trains

LIMs have been studied for ground transportation before....More
in Secondary Emissions Jul 26, 2013

Information Theory Applied (Loosely) to Cell Phones, Ham Radio and General Aviation

"All of us have different capabilities for functioning in the presence of distractions. At one end of the spectrum is the classic being 'unable to....More
in Secondary Emissions Jul 10, 2013

My Favorite Entrepreneurs: #1: Robert Chao (ALD)

"Bob has a lock on a particular kind of floating-gate MOSFET that can be tuned for a threshold of zero volts."....More
in Secondary Emissions Jun 26, 2013

Silicon, Alfalfa, and Water (And T. J. Rodgers)

"In those days, at lunchtime, Cypress CEO T. J. Rodgers would don his trademark, red, white, and blue running shorts and take a couple-mile run....More
in Secondary Emissions Jun 04, 2013

Designed Any Satellites Lately? Here's Your Chance

“A few years ago, we had the intriguing idea that you might, actually, be able to build a spacecraft around a smartphone."....More
in Secondary Emissions May 28, 2013

SID 2013: Quantum Dots, Yes; Pico Projectors, Hardly Any

It's hard to get or give a clear explanation of quantum dots....More
in Secondary Emissions Apr 16, 2013

Dreamliner Battery Fire Solutions and Concerns

The firefighter saw “a white glow about the size of a softball” on his hand-held thermal imaging camera so he hit it with a shot of Halotron fire-....More
in Secondary Emissions Mar 24, 2013

APEC 2013 Was Biggest Ever

(“So every day is like a new episode of ‘Big Bang Theory?’....More
in Secondary Emissions Mar 11, 2013

What's Happening at APEC 2013

I’m expecting that, once again, GaN and SiC power device announcements will attract attention. In fact, there will be new announcements about SiC....More

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