PowerDAQ for LabView real-time drivers is available free with each I/O board purchased from the company, enabling low-cost real-time LabView applications on the PCI bus. The only hardware that users must purchase is a real-time interface card, the PD2-LVRT-PCI, which costs $50. Users can select virtually any commercially available PCI system, as long as it has sufficient free slots: one to hold the PD-LVRT-PCI real-time interface card and additional slots for the user's choice of PowerDAQ I/O cards like the company's PD2-MF-16-1M/12. This $1650 card has 16 12-bit analog inputs that sample at 1.25 Msamples/s, two analog outputs, plus 32 digital I/O points, and three user counter/timers. All parts are in stock.

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