Renesas extended its lineup of R-IN32M3 industrial Ethernet communication SoCs with a remote I/O trial kit. The kit, which supports the EtherCAT protocol, is a hardware/software reference design intended for the development of remote I/O devices typically used for I/O monitoring, communication, and industrial process control.

Since the R-IN32M3 series supports protocols including EtherCAT, CC-Link IE, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET, remote I/O products that support multiple protocols can be developed on the same hardware structure. The kit’s printed-circuit board (PCB) is based on the R-IN32M3-EC device with integrated memory and two Ethernet PHYs. This helps to develop more compact systems at lower cost.

Hardware information includes a power-supply system structure and component values optimized for R-IN32M3 specifications, taking into account safety standards and optimized BOM costs.