Keithley has added Models 2230-30-1 and 2220-30-1 multi-channel power supplies to their Series 2200 line of programmable dc power supplies. Model 2230-30-1 provides two output channels, typically for analog circuits, with each channel capable of outputting up to 30 V/1.5 A/45 W, plus a 6 V/5 A/30 W output channel, typically for digital circuits. Model 2220-30-1 provides two output channels, each capable of outputting up to 30 V/1.5 A/45 W. Basic voltage setting accuracy and voltage readback accuracy are 0.03% for each output channel, basic current setting and readback accuracy is 0.1%, and ripple and noise is less than 3 mVpp. Each output channel can be turned on or off independently and is completely isolated, allowing power to two isolated circuits with different reference points. The 30 V outputs can be combined in varying series and parallel configurations. Available immediately, list pricing for the dual-channel Model 2220-30-1 is $950 and the triple-channel Model 2230-30-1 is priced at $1150.