Weighing in at less than an ounce, Elmo’s Gold Twitter servo drive delivers up to 4000 W of qualitative power, ultra high current such as 50 A / 100 V with the most advanced servo capabilities, and support for EtherCAT and CANopen field-bus communication standards for deployment in a variety of application configurations, compliant with international safety, EMC standards and STO certification. The servo drive is suited for applications requiring very high servo performance but are limited with space. It is also rugged to meet the growing needs to mount the drives "on the motor", "next to the motor", or "on the moving mechanical load", thus ensuring the high servo performance while saving on hardware and cabling. The drive runs optimally on any servo motor, operates in current, velocity, and advanced position modes, and supports “any feedback” sensor in single, dual and gantry loop configurations. Set up and tuned using the Windows-based EASII software, the servo drive can operate as a single-axis control solution or as part of a multi-axis control system in a distributed configuration real-time network.