Cree_1010-AXLamp series LEDs developed by Cree provide discrete (XB-D) and multicolor (XM-L) LED options for applications ranging from architectural to vehicle and display lighting. XB-D color LEDs, which double lumens-per-dollar performance, offer 40% higher maximum light output than the company’s XP-E color LEDs. They come in color as well as existing white color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6200K. Specifically, the 2.45- by 2.45-mm XB-Ds deliver up to 1416 mW for royal blue, 92 lm for blue, 198 lm for green, 210 lm for red, and 261 lm for red-orange, all at 1 A. XM-L multicolor LEDs deliver red, green, royal blue, and white in one LED at twice the lumens-per-dollar of Cree’s MC-E color LED die. The 5- by 5-mm XM-Ls provide up to 89 lm for royal blue, 214 lm for green, 229 lm for red, and 272 lm for white at 1 A.