With their new XMM 6255 modem, Intel is aiming to provide a wireless solution for the billions of smart and connected devices expected in the coming years. At about 300 mm²in size, it is the smallest standalone 3G modem to date, suiting it for networked sensors and other IoT applications such as wearables, security devices and industrial equipment. On a single chip, the modem combines the Intel X-GOLD 625 baseband and its integrated power management unit with the Intel SMARTi UE2p, the first transceiver with a fully integrated 3G power amplifier. This design protects the radio from overheating, voltage peaks and damage under tough usage conditions, important for safety monitors and other critical IoT devices. Additionally, the modem features a unique radio architecture that enables it to perform exceptionally well in challenging situations, including low signal zones like a parking garage or a home basement and devices with a small form factor like a smartwatch or a sensor. The XMM 6255 modem is currently available in the u-blox SARA-U2 module and updates on additional partnerships are expected in the coming months.