• May 4, 2016

    Designing High Reliability Components in Airborne Systems

    This webcast will address the challenges of using electronic components in aviation applications. Concerns about reliability, single event effects and expanded environmental performance are ever present in the industry. Suitable components for this market require quality and reliability that approaches space grade levels. This webcast will provide solutions that will help engineers in making the best design decisions for their application....More
  • May 11, 2016

    Testing Wireless Power Transfer Designs

    Charging battery-operated devices from something as small as a smart watch to as large as an electric-powered bus have traditionally been accomplished with charging cables and AC/DC power adapters of various sizes. However, battery-operated devices are quickly becoming untethered today with the rapid adoption of wireless charging technology. There are two major wireless charging technologies based on either magnetic induction or magnetic resonance. Products based on either or both of these technologies must meet stringent standards....More
  • May 3, 2016

    DisplayPort 1.3 over Type-C: Taming the Gotchas!

    VESA released the first type C connector alternate mode specification shortly after the USB-IF released its power delivery and type C specifications, by tailoring the DP1.3 specification to the new connector. This presentation will provide an overview of how the alternate mode works for DisplayPort and discuss in depth the implications of the type C specification and how it changes the testing approach to DisplayPort....More
  • Apr 26, 2016

    Extend the Impact of Modeling and Simulation with Apps

    Adding mathematical modeling and numerical simulation to the product design workflow has been demonstrated to enhance corporate performance in terms of meeting launch dates, reducing costs, and improving the quality of new products. The development of custom applications with COMSOL Multiphysics® and its Application Builder enables a simulation specialist to provide computational design and analysis capabilities to anyone who would benefit from it....More
  • Apr 13, 2016

    GaN Solutions: Devices to Solid State HPAs

    Sponsored by Analog Devices and Mouser. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense Systems. In this webcast ADI will discuss Gallium Nitride technology, reviewing the benefits and challenges of using GaN devices in future high power amplifiers (HPA) for a wide range of Radar, Communications and Electronic Defense systems. A detailed comparison to alternative solutions will also be provided as well as insight into future GaN based solutions....More
  • Apr 12, 2016

    New magnetic/capacitive coupler standard VDE 0884-11 for next level of electrical safety and lifetime

    This webcast will focus on the new non-optical coupler standard (VDE 0884-11), and will highlight the key differences and advantages over current opto-coupler standards. We will examine important topics such as: internal construction, failure modes, and lifetimes, to demonstrate how magnetic/capacitive couplers are enabling high voltage safety critical applications, while improving key performance characteristics such as data rate, common mode transient immunity, low propagation delay and skew....More
  • Mar 23, 2016

    Electromagnetic Flowmeter Design for Industrial Process Control

    The webinar will discuss some of the electronic design challenges with Industrial electromagnetic flowmeters. It will compare conventional analog demodulation with a newer digital oversampling architecture that significantly simplifies the circuit design and bill of materials bringing advantages in board area, power consumption and cost....More
  • Mar 31, 2016

    USB-PD (Power Delivery) Testing over Type-C

    The CC (Configuration Channel) signal in the Type-C connector is a single-ended, BMC encoded, 4b/5b signal used for USB-PD (Power Delivery) negotiation. USB-PD is responsible for negotiating Vbus power levels, device type, connector orientation, charging infrastructure, and ALT mode multiple-protocol capability....More
  • Mar 29, 2016

    Designing with precision amplifiers: How to work smarter, not harder

    Are you being asked to do more with less? Most system designers are. That’s why we’re providing more precision amplifier tools and resources than ever. From part selection and evaluation through all facets of design, we’re changing the way we think about precision design to help you do more....More
  • Mar 16, 2016

    Head Mounted Displays with TI DLP Pico Technology

    Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) have been around for decades, mostly in R&D labs. However, over the last few years, significant advancements in complementary technologies such as microdisplays and low power processors have enabled head mounted displays to make a leap into the mainstream. DLP Pico technology is an excellent fit for a broad range of high performance AR and VR HMD applications....More
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Guest Blogs
Apr 8, 2016

Confabbing on the Fabless Fad 3

High capital and maintenance costs, and EDA advances along with abstractions to deal with chip complexity, have been leading contributors to the fabless migration....More
Mar 2, 2016

Home or Very Small Office Electronic Circuit Prototypes, Part 4 5

Part 4 focuses on testing for a reflow oven and build of a mixed SMT/through-hole board....More
Jan 4, 2016

Building Home or Very Small Office Electronic Circuit Prototypes, Part 3 11

Part 3 delves into critical equipment for testing today's electronics, and provides updates on circuit-board designs from Part 1....More

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