• Oct 8, 2015

    Debug your Design as Never Before Using Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering

    Today’s digital designs are full of various problems which impact chip turn on and bit error rates. Problems such as glitches, bit errors, and even distinguishing between read and writes are critical to identify and more importantly, solve. One tool that has become increasingly important to solve these problems is the real-time oscilloscope; however in many cases special triggers that are available from oscilloscopes are unknown to the engineers that need them the most....More
  • Oct 21, 2015

    Advanced RF Measurements You Didn’t Know Your Oscilloscope Could Make

    With ever increasing bandwidths of today’s modern communications and radar signals, there is an immediate need for a better method to capture, measure, and analyze these complex signals. Oscilloscopes are playing a more prominent role in making these challenging RF measurements....More
  • Oct 28, 2015

    Modeling, Measurement, and Verification of PCI Express® 4.0

    The race to be first to market with leading-edge interconnect technology such as PCI Express 4.0 has spurred the need for quick and accurate link performance validation. IBIS Algorithmic Modeling Interface (IBIS-AMI) has become well known as a common and efficient validation methodology by both system-board developers and SerDes IP providers across different standards....More
  • Oct 15, 2015

    Probing Best Practices on Power Conversion Devices

    Learn commonly used probing techniques when making measurements on power conversion devices. This webinar will discuss recommendations when measuring current or either high or low voltage. It will also include information regarding probe features that will reduce setup time and improve accuracy....More
  • Oct 6, 2015

    Techniques for Troubleshooting EMI On Your Power Supply Designs

    This webinar provides a broad introduction to the topic of EMI/EMC measurements, with a specific focus on how measure and quantify noise and interference associated with modern power supplies. Robin will share the most common EMI problems he sees in designs today, and review techniques to diagnose and isolate those elusive sources of EMI....More
  • Sep 30, 2015

    Fundamentals of PCIe® 3.0 EQ Test and Outlook on PCIe 16GT/s RX Test

    This webcast will discuss the fundamentals of PCI Express® 8GT/s Link EQ Testing. A simplified test approach to reduce complicated and tedious testing using Keysight’s J-BERT M8020A and N5990A test automation software for PCIe RX and Link EQ testing will be introduced....More
  • Sep 24, 2015

    Effectively Measuring Low Voltage Variations In The Presence of Large Signals: Best Practices using Oscilloscopes and Probes

    This webinar provides techniques for optimizing your whole oscilloscope system for quality, high resolution measurements....More
  • Sep 16, 2015

    IEC 62301 Standby Power and IEC 61000-3-2 Current Harmonics Testing: Techniques Using Precision Power Analyzers

    If the electronic product you are designing plugs in to a wall socket for power, chances are that you will need to comply with variety of standards such as CE, IEC 62301(standby power), IEC61000-3-2(current harmonics) , Energy star, etc. Traditionally compliance tests are performed at the end of design cycle and in many cases by a third party compliance lab....More
  • Sep 9, 2015

    PCIe - Assuring Gen4 Tx/Rx Performance with Hot TDR

    With the increase in bit rates, impedance matching has become all the more critical because multipe reflections occur and cause eye diagram closure. One unique approach to quantify multiple reflection effects is to evaluate the impedance of PCIe active devices (Tx/Rx) under their power-on and operating state....More
  • Sep 2, 2015

    Designing Next-Gen Bluetooth Low Energy Systems for the Internet of Things

    Cypress Semiconductor and Digi-Key will host a one-hour webinar on how to easily design low-power wireless systems with the industry's most-integrated, one-chip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution....More
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Sep 16, 2015

What is All This Nanogenerator Stuff, Anyway?

Nanogenerators, which harvest energy from the environment, could be the next big thing in renewable energy....More
Aug 11, 2015

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes versus Manufacturing Design Preparations 4

I have designed many early-stage proof-of-concept (POC) circuits, and observed many others do the same thing. It seems that there is often a huge disconnect between clients and engineers, though, when it comes to the goals of a POC design. In simple terms, an engineer worth his salt will overdesign an early POC circuit. This is because Murphy’s law always applies, and POCs are about overcoming unknowns. By overdesigning the circuit, one is able to prove the client’s product POC can be made to work, and quickly....More
Aug 4, 2015

Inconspicuous Pitfalls in Datasheet Analysis 1

Identifying the limitations of a datasheet saves lots of time, and cost, in terms of troubleshooting and redesigning circuits....More

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