Osram_0924-AHigh light output at high currents, uniform light distribution, thermal stability, and strong contrast are all representative of Osram Opto Semiconductors’ latest LED offering for the automotive market. The Oslon Black Flat LED integrates the new “UX:3” chip technology, which delivers high-level light output at high currents. A 2.3-W power draw and 700-mA operating current translates into a typical luminous flux of 200 lumens (at 25°C). Up to 270 lumens are possible when operating at 1.2 A—even with temperatures reaching100°C. Typical thermal resistance is 4 kW. It features a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours at 700 mA and a 60°C chip temperature. Designed without a lens and a low profile, the Black Flat maximizes optical incoupling by allowing minimal distance between a light guide or lens. According to Osram, luminance is two to five times higher than comparable LEDs in the 70- to 100-Mcd/m2 class.