SW_Moore_0907-ASW_Moore_0907-AFeaturing three contacts per alarm input, the SRM Safety Relay Module enables alarm contacts to be integrated into safety processes without having to rely on a specialized form of installation. Moore Industries’ relay repeater has been certified by “exida” for single use in safety instrumented systems up to SIL 2. It accepts single contact closure inputs from logic solver trip outputs. The SRM is a force-guided relay; therefore, it eliminates the possibility of having contacts become stuck in both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) positions at the same time. The device’s forcibly guided contacts are monitored and mechanically linked to the same armature as the output contacts. It comes housed in a “universal” aluminum DIN case that can be mounted on either a 32-mm G-type or 35-mm top-hat DIN rail. Front-panel visual diagnostics include three LED indicator lights that reflect the current input, output, and power status.