orionFan_0831-AOrion Fans’ series of smart, thermally controlled ac and dc fans deliver high airflow to help prevent premature LED component failure in solid-state lighting due to excessive heat. The fans’ thermal controller increases or decreases the speed of the fans in response to air temperature, which drops power consumption up to 30%. Their ball-bearing design reduces noise levels and delivers airflows ranging from 62 to 110 CFM (OA109AP series) and 103 to 212 CFM (OA172SAP series). LED-cooling fans come with ac voltages of 308 and 480 V ac, and custom dc voltages of 28 and 36 V dc (also available are standard dc voltages of 5, 12, 24, 48, and 60 V dc). IP55-sealed dc fans can be used in the outdoors or within harsh applications.