DuPont announced on Thursday that it would begin selling a new series of electronic materials for dampening heat generated by computers, car batteries, and electric motors.

The products, marketed under the brand Temprion, include thermal gap fillers and insulating films, as well as grease and adhesives tape for bonding heat sinks to electrical components. The new products can be viewed this week at the Electronica trade show in Munich, Germany.

DuPont said that it had improved the thermal conductivity, resistance, and stability over its previous thermal management materials. Those improvements make them better at dissipating heat from electronics inside cars and factory equipment, which is vital for preventing failures. Preliminary data sheets can be viewed on DuPont's website.

“Performance requirements continue to increase and with that comes added heat,” said Itaru Matsuyama, a business director for DuPont’s Electronic Materials business, in a statement.  “Temprion was specifically designed to meet these growing needs and reliably deliver performance that can be counted on for the lifetime of an application.”