ultravolt_0809-AThe PXS series of miniature, proportional high-voltage power supplies offer 5% load regulation and improved output ripple versus comparable devices. Developed by UltraVolt Inc., the 0.5- by 0.5- by 0.4-in. supplies also offer enhanced control and efficiency, as well as reduced input current. At 0 to 1.5 W of output power (with proportional or fixed output voltage), Unipolar models within the series maintain a 50- to 300-V output-voltage range, while Bipolar models feature a ±25- to ±150-V range. Their 5% load regulation produces up to 90% efficiency—with 1000 V of isolation from input to output. Either output can be floated up to 1 kV or grounded to set polarity. No heatsink or electrical derating is required. Specific applications include pin diodes, avalanche photodiodes, and piezoelectric devices, among others.