TRINAMIC’s new IC, the TMC2660, supports motor drive currents up to 4 A while integrating both a pre-driver for real-time calculation of motor coil current values, and power MOSFETS for amplification of coil outputs to directly drive an external motor. Packaged in a single multi-chip module, the driver/amplifier boasts the lowest power dissipation currently available for a 4 A stepper motor driver. With an Rds(on) of 65 milli-ohm, the IC dissipates just 2.8 W at 4 A, a purported 85% reduction compared with the most competitive solution previously available. The device’s minimal power dissipation eliminates the need for a heat sink, enabling highly dense board designs and reduced component count and cost. With its peak output current rating at 4 A, the IC can drive motors as large as NEMA 23, and is both pin- and software-compatible with the TMC260/261 devices, which support motors up to NEMA 17. Sampling in August with production volumes to be offered in Q4 2013, the TMC2660 stepper motor driver is offered in a 44-pin PQFP package and is priced at $2.90 each/1,000.