Designed specifically for powering RF amplifiers, the TWR series power systems consist of hot-swap modules in three- or four-unit 2RU high racks. Each module produces 2.25 kW at 28 to 32 V dc, providing a total of 6.75 kW for a fully loaded, three-module, 19-in. system or 9 kW for a four-module, 23-in. system. With hot-swap capability, the systems can be operated in 2+1 or 3+1 redundant modes, supplying 4.5 kW or 6.75 kW, respectively. The output voltage of each module can be adjusted within the range of 26.5 to 33.5 V. Power modules are priced from $870 each. Three- or four-module racks start at $509 each. Delivery is in four weeks.

Unipower Corp.