RF Micro has developed the highly-integrated RFFM4501E WiFi front end module for notebook and mobile equipment applications. The module meets or exceeds system requirements for 802.11ac connectivity in the 5.150 – 5.850 GHz frequency band and is optimized to support multiple applications, including notebooks, mobile routers, and low-power customer premises systems. The device integrates a +17.5 dBm (80 MHz MCS9) PA at 3.3 V, a low insertion loss/high isolation single pole two throw (SP2T) switch, harmonic filtering, and a LNA with bypass mode, for equipment manufacturers seeking to adjust receive sensitivity. The receive chain provides 12.5 dB of typical gain with just 12 mA of current and a noise figure of 2.5 dB. Separate Rx/Tx 50 Ohm ports simplify matching and provide input and output signals for both the transmit and receive paths. The ultra-small form factor (3 x 3 x 1.1 mm) and high level of integration of the WiFi module shrink the product footprint, reduce external component count, minimize assembly costs and speed time-to-market.