XMOS is adding 6-, 10- and 12-core variants (XS1-L6-64, XS1-L10-128 and XS1-L12-128), plus new memory size options, to the existing 8- and 16-core products in its xCORE family of L Series general-purpose multicore microcontrollers. Individual products are available in a variety of package and performance options as well as commercial and industrial variants. L-Series microcontrollers are organized into two pin-compatible groups, allowing multiple end-product variants using a single hardware platform and performance-enhancing designs as requirements evolve. xCORE multicore architecture with Hardware Response enables the devices to perform multiple simultaneous tasks. Hardware Response I/O technology allows the use of ready-made and adaptable xSOFTip for a variety of functions, such as communications protocols, motor control, LCD drivers and audio equalization. The supporting xTIMEcomposer Studio development tools offer multicore processing using the C/C++ environment, static timing analysis and cycle-accurate simulation tools. The 6-, 10- and 12-core L-Series microcontrollers will be available in February 2013 with prices starting at $4.67 in volume.