Tektronix is expanding their RSA5000 Series real-time spectrum analyzers with new 26.5 GHz and 15 GHz models, which feature advanced signal discovery and triggering capabilities for mid-range performance. The company has also made a 110 MHz bandwidth option available on all of their RSA5000 Series real-time spectrum analyzers. The new models meet the need for signal analyzers to be able to capture the briefest of spectrum occurrences while avoiding interference issues due to the increasingly crowded wireless spectrum. The wider 110 MHz bandwidth option enables uninterrupted signal monitoring or surveillance of frequency bands of interest. Advanced DPX features including swept DPX, gap-free DPX spectrograms and DPX zero span with real-time amplitude, frequency or phase. A set of triggers troubleshoot digitally implemented RF systems including time-qualified power, runt, density, frequency and frequency mask triggers. The analyzers can accelerate pinpointing the root cause of problems with time-correlated measurements made across frequency, phase, amplitude and modulation domains. RSA5000 26.5 GHZ and 15 GHz models will be available in January with pricing to start at $47,900 for the 26.5 GHz model.