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  • Feb 3, 2014

    A New Modulation Method. Really? 31

    New modulation schemes don’t come along very often.  In fact, it has been years…decades really…. since any new modulation method has been invented.  Remember there are only three basic ways a carrier can be modulated:  by varying the amplitude, frequency or phase.  Or some combination of those.  Most of the useful combinations have already been discovered and either ignored or adopted....More
  • Jan 29, 2014

    Prototyping With Java On Cortex-M3/M4 4

    Running Java on a PC or any hefty processor is easy. Running Java on a more compact platform like Arm's Cortex-M3 can be more of a challenge. IS2T does it for the STMicroelectronics STM32 series....More
  • Jan 21, 2014

    Net Neutrality Without Regulation 22

    FCC loses the net neutrality battle....More
  • Dec 30, 2013

    The History of Personal Computers, Part 2: The Heathkit Story 13

    How Heathkit entered the personal computing business....More
  • Dec 12, 2013

    The History of Personal Computers – Part 1: The East Coast Version 27

    Have you ever wondered where PCs and all their derivatives came from?  If not, I am going to tell you anyway, at least my version of it.  Of course, the source was the development of the microprocessor in the early 1970s. ...More

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Net Neutrality Without Regulation

Here is what some of your fellow engineers had to say:

"Your view seems a little short-sighted. Do you actually trust ISP providers to behave in a service neutral way if you don't require them too? I'm sure that every large provider would love to have me use their video streaming service in preference to someone Else's. It's a simple matter to..." - greenewr

"The courts have just enabled coorporate greed to take over the service providers decision making. And you and I will be the victims. I don't trust any of the providers not to line their pockets at our expense. It used to be we were protected by the..." - ron19446

 "While this isn't exactly what net-neutrality is about, that ISP blocks certain ports that I would like to upload from my small server, unless I spend twice as much more for their "business class" service, which by the way requires me to rent (not own) the modem and router, which I am not allowed to..." - whelm

"Without an active mechanism to insure net neutrality, the cable companies (who frequently also provide internet access) can simply elect to charge much higher rates to services who threaten their cable TV business case, like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Hulu among others, rendering these services uncompetitive" - jeffl

"Congratulations! You have just argued that regulations aren't necessary if they work. This is similar to arguing that I should throw away my umbrella because I don't get wet when I use it. Or that vaccines aren't necessary because people who get them don't get the disease they are designed to prevent." - surelyyoujest

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Joined: 2014-06-26

Lave temperaturer i de seneste dage i Guangzhou hver dag, i midten af ​​november, vil byen fejre tre årtier koldeste ti dage. Cold kolde vejr person, så det virker lidt forhastet sydlige by, en anden slags, og endda en smule flov, men også tilføjer nogle scener temperaturer kastet, grøntsager svæve. Sagen er ikke klar, ser det ud til, at chefen blev tvunget på en gruppe kyllingebryst, ikke har råd til at gå på pension, var han meget deprimeret er stegt kylling. Hej der! Hej der! Meget højt.

Et la forme

Et la forme semestre de l'examen de près de deux parties. La première partie, une heure, deux lecture, qu'avec un dictionnaire papier, mais seulement avec le dictionnaire anglais britannique. La deuxième partie de une demi-heure, le vocabulaire, ne peut pas lire la première partie de deux dictionnaires, j'ai probablement passé plus de 20 minutes pour arriver, c'est le dictionnaire inutile, car il n'y a pas de dictionnaire papier anglais-anglais, une estimation Je ne comprends pas....More

Prima è andato a guardare la canna, sciroppo d'acero originale come l'acqua. Acero iniziale più elevato contenuto di zucchero sc

Quando le directory professionali prima espansione, la mano del mouse e malattia cervicale era quasi inclusi nel nuovo tipo di malattia professionale. Ieri, i giornalisti di Fujian Blue Penguin pulizie consigliere informato che recentemente un sacco di giovani in inverno fuori, perché ovviamente sentendo dolore al collo, e in moncler piumino donna ospedale. Portare a malattie del collo dell'utero non è tutto a causa di motivi di lavoro, infatti, ha un rapporto con molte delle nostre abitudini....More

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