Rack mount servers tend to be in a different class than most tower servers. There used to be little difference between PCs and servers when tower cases were more common years ago. These days desktop PCs and laptops are more common but tower servers remain. The advantage is more space for drives and expansion boards.

I had a chance to check out Super Micro Computer's (SuperMicro) AS-4022G-6F A+ Server (Fig. 1) to see what the latest high performance servers look like and how it differs from a tower-based PC.

Fig. 1: SuperMicro's 4U AS-4022G-6F A+ Server can handle two, 16-core Opteron 6000 Series processors.

The AS-4022G-6F system is designed for AMD processors including the latest Opteron 6000 Series. These chips top out with 16-cores right now.

The high performance processors needs good support too. The system has eight hot-swap, 3.5-in SAS/SATA drive bays. It also has lots of cooling capacity and a high performance power supply. A second, redundant power supply is optional. There is even a dedicated, Ethernet IPMI v2.0 interface that is typical of rack mount systems but rare in tower systems. Of course, the system can be rack mounted as well. Here are the system's basic specs.